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How Does a 9/80 Work Schedule Work Out?

kdawson posted about 6 years ago | from the on-the-ground dept.

Businesses 1055

cellocgw writes "My company is in the process of implementing a version of '9/80,' a work schedule that squeezes 80 hours' labor time into 9 business days and provides every other Friday off. I was wondering how this has been implemented in other companies, and how it's worked out for other Slashdot readers. Is your system flexible? Do you find time to get personal stuff done during the week? Is Friday good for anything other than catching up on lost sleep? And perhaps most important, do your managers respect the off-Fridays, or do they pull people in on a regular basis to handle 'crises?'"

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feh (0, Interesting)

Anonymous Coward | about 6 years ago | (#26442047)

I work from home, and as long as all the data gets processed, nobody gives a damn what I do. It's great.

Re:feh (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | about 6 years ago | (#26442267)

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hee hee (-1, Offtopic)

Anthony_Cargile (1336739) | about 6 years ago | (#26442483)

Then boy, do I have news for you that you ain't gonna like: Mac OS X Leopard on PC hardware [insanelymac.com] !

(Sorry I couldn't help feeding the trolls, but I think their head will explode after reading that :)

first (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | about 6 years ago | (#26442049)

fiiiiirst sdfhjkjshflkasjdhfas

I worked 9/80 for 4 summers (5, Informative)

brian0918 (638904) | about 6 years ago | (#26442053)

It was really nice, especially if you set it up so that one week you're paid, and the next you get the Friday off. They were also flexible about it and would let you switch occasionally, although that obviously depends on the company.

Also (4, Informative)

brian0918 (638904) | about 6 years ago | (#26442097)

Also, to answer your question, those off-days were always respected, and I never missed the lost hour each day.

I'd rather have 4/36 (5, Interesting)

trolltalk.com (1108067) | about 6 years ago | (#26442399)

I'd rather have 4x9hour days, a 10% cut in pay, and 3 days off every week. (Hey, most of the last 10% is taxes anyway, right). If everyone did this, we could avoid tons of layoffs nationwide, lower energy costs (4 days commuting instead of 5), and 3-day weekends every week ...

Getting Customers to leave you alone Fridays (3, Informative)

billstewart (78916) | about 6 years ago | (#26442409)

I'm not on a 9/80 plan, but I've been with my company long enough that when they started requiring us to use or lose our vacation every year rather than carrying it over, I started taking Fridays off most of the summer. I had mixed success with it; just because I'm not planning to work on a given day, that doesn't mean that my customer doesn't want to schedule a meeting or call me on the phone, or that people stopped sending me emails that needed attention, or there might be training from the head office folks or whatever, so Fridays were often only half-off, or I'd sleep late and do email around noon. But still, that meant that I really did get my Saturday off :-)

Re:I worked 9/80 for 4 summers (5, Interesting)

DataBroker (964208) | about 6 years ago | (#26442139)

I've worked 9/80's for a couple of years. They're great! It's nice to have a weekday off because you can easily get through a weekend's errands in a day because of the lower crowds, and in my case, no kids to slow me.

As for management respecting the day -- that's like any off-day. You have to enforce it yourself. I've been asked to work on my 9/80 day, and never had a problem agreeing to it. I just swapped it for a different day. Management loved my flexibility (in when I took a day off).

Re:I worked 9/80 for 4 summers (3, Interesting)

fishbowl (7759) | about 6 years ago | (#26442255)

I would always make plans well in advance and make sure that my supervisor knew not only that I had plans, but how much money I had invested in them. The implication was always there -- if your action deprives me of my ability to execute this plan, I am going to charge you the amount noted. I never had to play that card, but that's because I think the strategy worked to secure my days off, either when I had 9/80 or when I was simply planning vacation time.
I'm seriously considering to write into my next contract, language that requires them to make reasonable compensation for travel or entertainment that I have to forego at the company's insistence.

Re:I worked 9/80 for 4 summers (1)

txoof (553270) | about 6 years ago | (#26442143)

My girlfriend works 9/80s at Shell and she really likes it. Sometimes she ends up working 10/90, but it usually works out really great. She tends to get a lot of stuff done on the Fridays she has off.

Re:I worked 9/80 for 4 summers (4, Interesting)

GizmoToy (450886) | about 6 years ago | (#26442343)

I agree, 9/80 is great. I hired on with a company about a year ago that had just switched to the 9/80 system. There were some issues as everyone adjusted, but it's been great since. I like it so much, I'd view a typical 5/40 as a negative for any future employers.

I found that I didn't miss the extra hour during the week, and the Friday off is great for sleeping in, doctor appointments, or for random things that can't be done on the weekend.

My employer doesn't typically pull people in on the off Friday, but I imagine it happens every once in awhile. Although, I'm sure this varies greatly by company.

Overall, I'd say it's nothing to be scared of as long as the entire company embraces it. It's when portions of the employees are working regular weeks and some are on 9/80 that things tend to fall apart.

Re:I worked 9/80 for 4 summers (2, Insightful)

Composite_Armor (1203112) | about 6 years ago | (#26442433)

Extra days are for golf, biking, rest and friends/family. extra hour each day not a problem. Efficiency of work-group, same. [Teh company i worked for still laid-off ~1500 engineers, in these times.] I say, take the work where you can, and do the best with your days off.

I did it (1)

Knara (9377) | about 6 years ago | (#26442069)

I worked a summer job that was 9/80 in... ummm, 1998. It seemed to work alright. Can't say it really helped or hurt, though I wasn't in an on-call position at the time, so YMMV.

I think "buy in" will depend on how much the particular management team pushes it. If they really want to company to do 9/80, it will. If its change for the sake of change, it'll prolly be messy.

it sucks (5, Informative)

Dolphinzilla (199489) | about 6 years ago | (#26442073)

My company does it - and yes frequently we get hosed out of our day off OR have to travel on our day off. It is inconvenient to many of our customers and I spend a lot of time on my off Fridays checking my e-mail for potential issues. It is not much of a day off. We USED to have a 4-9-4 work week, where we worked 4 nine hour days and half days (4 hours) on Fridays this was AWESOME and I loved it - 9/80 is bogus IMHO

Re:it sucks (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 6 years ago | (#26442149)

In our company, if you work on that off day you are paid for it or get comp time.

Re:it sucks (1)

Dolphinzilla (199489) | about 6 years ago | (#26442251)

as a salaried employee it takes an act of God to get authorized to work non-standard days/overtime etc... So while I MIGHT be able to get compensated it would take a lot of effort on my part probably as much as I worked - as far as travel if you end up having to travel back from a business trip on your off day that is just tough luck at my company :-(

Re:it sucks (1)

Tokerat (150341) | about 6 years ago | (#26442151)

Wow that sounds awesome! I'd have time to run errands or make appointments, and I'd still be out of work early enough to get home and maybe get ready and go out and do something? Man i need to find an employer that does that!

Re:it sucks (2, Insightful)

fishbowl (7759) | about 6 years ago | (#26442285)

A half day Friday defeats the purpose for me. If I have a Friday off, I can leave on Thursday night and actually go somewhere interesting, be there for Friday morning, return Sunday night, and it's like a vacation. But then I'm pretty spoiled. I can pretty much take off whenever I want at my current job. I'm thinking about going to a new job as a contractor, for a really good rate, but I'm worried about the shock when I find out I have to actually work hours that someone else specifies. I have not had an experience like that since the mid 90s.

Re:it sucks (1)

Dolphinzilla (199489) | about 6 years ago | (#26442537)

the great thing about half day Fridays was that if you NEEDED to take the whole day off you could burn HALF of a vacation day - that was great - and probably one of the reasons it was trashed....

Lost sleep? (3, Interesting)

gilxa1226 (464588) | about 6 years ago | (#26442075)

I interviewed at a large defense contractor, the office I interviewed at did a 9/80, it sounded great at the time and still does. As for lost sleep... seriously... you work 9-9-9-9-8, 9-9-9-9-off. I doubt the extra hour a day will kill you. If it does, just eat through lunch.

Re:Lost sleep? (5, Funny)

Tokerat (150341) | about 6 years ago | (#26442177)

If it does, just eat through lunch.

Nonsense! Why would lunch be for eating?

Re:Lost sleep? (1, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | about 6 years ago | (#26442493)

Agree. The lunch hour is reserved for mandatory training.

Re:Lost sleep? (5, Funny)

pintpusher (854001) | about 6 years ago | (#26442509)

I prefer to lunch through work myself, ymmv.

4/10 is easier (4, Insightful)

poet (8021) | about 6 years ago | (#26442087)

You get every friday or monday off depending on the stagger. The idea of 9/80 bothers me. There is a point of no return for employees. If you are going to work like that, you should make sure and take two one hour breaks a day.

Re:4/10 is easier (5, Interesting)

bughunter (10093) | about 6 years ago | (#26442329)

I did both 4/40 and 9/80, and I tell you, the first extra hour isn't that noticeable, but going from 9 to 10 hours a day sucked. It means either you arrive at 6am so that you can leave at 5. If you can't get there until 9am, have fun working till 8pm...

I'm back to working 5/40 now, and do indeed miss the 9/80 schedule. One of the best things was the regular 4-day holiday weekends. The accounting calendar was usually arranged so that Fridays off fell before Monday holidays like Memorial Day, etc.

Re:4/10 is easier (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 6 years ago | (#26442331)

There's no need to take 2x 1hr breaks. It's perfectly fine. If you go in early (7 instead of 8) there's no real need for another break. If you work something odd like 10-7 you might need another break, but that puts you at 10-8?

Just a second, here... (5, Funny)

IorDMUX (870522) | about 6 years ago | (#26442099)

Wait-wait-wait-wait... Do you mean to say that you've found a job in the (non-government) tech industry that lets you work only 40 hours a week?

... Are they hiring?

Re:Just a second, here... (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 6 years ago | (#26442281)

That's what I was going to say. Back before I started working for myself it was normal to work 50/60 hour weeks and that extra time was unpaid time because I was salaried. Now that sucked.

This 9/80 thing sounds sort of stupid because you know you will not actually get those Fridays off but at the same time many of us work longer hours than that and don't even get the chance of a Friday off so in that light it doesn't seem so bad.

At an NPO anyway... (1)

apokruphos (911590) | about 6 years ago | (#26442485)

If you're by the hour, now more than ever companies will try to restrict overages. Our support techs get called in off-hours for only the direst of emergencies. Of course, us salaried saps get to deal with the extra. "You've used linux before, here admin these two RHEL servers."

Crises (5, Insightful)

egcagrac0 (1410377) | about 6 years ago | (#26442105)

If your manager pulls you in to cover a crisis, you need to demand flex time (a different day off next week) or overtime.

Or, send them an invoice from your consulting firm for about six times whatever your daily rate is.

Re:Crises (5, Funny)

Spasemunki (63473) | about 6 years ago | (#26442225)

Or, send them an invoice from your consulting firm for about six times whatever your daily rate is.

Yeah, that way you'll have a lot of time to look for a new job.

My experience (5, Informative)

O('_')O_Bush (1162487) | about 6 years ago | (#26442107)

A friend of mine worked under 9/80 and loved it. He felt like he could be more productive staying later on the busy days and he took the extra friday off to take small trips with the family.

I worked for the same company but different location under a flexible hour system where the only requirement was that I met the 40 hrs per week. It made things much more difficult to free up space on the weekends, but allowed me to be more available during the week.

It's just preference.

Re:My experience (0, Redundant)

meeotch (524339) | about 6 years ago | (#26442263)

What is this "40 hour week" thing you speak of?

Industry standard in my industry (visual effects) is 5 ten-hour days. I guess that's a "10/100"? I would give my left nut for every other friday off.

I am curious, though - for folks who do work 8 hour days (and don't have families or whatever) - does the extra two hours at night make that much of a difference? I imagine I'd be just as defeated, and blow the surplus watching t.v., rather than writing a novel, inventing the Finglonger, or building a robot that would win me the love of Milla Jovovich.

MIB (5, Funny)

Thelasko (1196535) | about 6 years ago | (#26442109)

The twins keep us on Centaurian time, standard 37-hour day. Give it a few months, you'll get used to it. Or you'll have a psychotic episode.

Get out now (4, Insightful)

BadAnalogyGuy (945258) | about 6 years ago | (#26442121)

While it is not a bad idea in and of itself, changing work schedules to some bizarre non-standard system is usually a sign that the company management is trying to squeeze more work out of you. First they change the schedule to give you more work per day, then they will ask you to work more days.

In this economy, they know you don't have anywhere to go, so unless you fight back against this or leave for a new job altogether, you're going to get screwed. Ask them if they've been considering offshoring the IT department. I'd be willing to bet that within the next year they are looking to thin the local IT staff to a skeleton crew and then migrate the servers over to India where they can do your job for a third of the cost.

Re:Get out now (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 6 years ago | (#26442169)

i don't think it's weird/bizzare really. as other posts mention it's been done for many years now by many different companies, i know a friend of mine worked at a hospital and worked a 9/80.

Re:Get out now (1)

jrumney (197329) | about 6 years ago | (#26442309)

While it is not a bad idea in and of itself, changing work schedules to some bizarre non-standard system is usually a sign that the company management is trying to squeeze more work out of you.

Around here it is done to squeeze less out of you, with a corresponding pay cut. Many companies (factories especially) have gone to 4 day weeks, or even 3 days weeks to save money.

Lobby for 10 hour days (2, Insightful)

insanecarbonbasedlif (623558) | about 6 years ago | (#26442133)

With 4 tens, I get every friday off. As far as being pulled in on other days, it depends on whether your manager is an ethical person who respects their employees or not. You are the only one who knows enough to tell that, and a bunch of slashdot pundits won't help.

It will be easier (1)

bugs2squash (1132591) | about 6 years ago | (#26442135)

to get the 9 days respected than the 80 hours

Too much (1)

dimethylxanthine (946092) | about 6 years ago | (#26442141)

If this an attempt to resurrect the Mayan calendar, then negative. Everything they did was apocalyptical. The even managed to destroy themselves...

I say, day in - day out. Nice and simple.

Hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance?

I wish! (1)

Roadkills-R-Us (122219) | about 6 years ago | (#26442155)

I've usually worked long hours (too many startups and contract jobs). I've always wanted a 3x13 or 4x10 workweek, but would happily settle for 9/80. This works great for the way my body works, but I've never had an employer who didn't just want more hours.

If the company would really do it, it would be great to have every other weekend be three days.

The state of Utah is trying something out. (1)

gandhi_2 (1108023) | about 6 years ago | (#26442157)

They just went to 4 10's. 80 hrs in 8 days. And pretty much everyone I know hates it. OTOH, statistically you get more done a couple hours after you get there up to a couple hours before you leave.

Re:The state of Utah is trying something out. (1, Informative)

timmarhy (659436) | about 6 years ago | (#26442243)

care to explain why they hate having an extra day off???? i work a similar work week and i fucking love it.

Re:The state of Utah is trying something out. (1)

hansonc (127888) | about 6 years ago | (#26442523)

try working with the state on anything. All government offices are closed on Fridays and they don't stay open later which would be actually helpful, instead they open earlier...

Which makes more sense, having the DMV open at 6PM or 6AM, now guess which one is true.

Lost sleep? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 6 years ago | (#26442159)

"Catching up on lost sleep?" Give me a break. It's only an extra hour of work per day, and in the end you get it back in the form of a 3 day weekend.

If one hour more at work is enough to deprive you of an equivalent amount of sleep... you might want to figure out where those other 7 awake hours are going..

Re:Lost sleep? (1)

Beyond_GoodandEvil (769135) | about 6 years ago | (#26442327)

"Catching up on lost sleep?" Give me a break. It's only an extra hour of work per day, and in the end you get it back in the form of a 3 day weekend.
Depending on ones locale that extra hour of work may equal 30-40 extra minutes of commute time.

Re:Lost sleep? (2)

jlarocco (851450) | about 6 years ago | (#26442491)

That could go either way, though.

I used to drive about 65 miles to work, 130 miles round trip. If I left for the day at 5:30 I would get home around 7:00-7:15. If I waited for traffic to die down and left at 6:15, I would still get home between 7:00 and 7:15. Lucky for me there was a similar effect in the morning and my employer wasn't too picky on the schedule.

Re:Lost sleep? (1)

camperdave (969942) | about 6 years ago | (#26442503)

Depending on ones locale that extra hour of work may equal 30-40 extra minutes of commute time.

Also, depending on one's locale, that extra hour of work may equal 30-40 LESS minutes of commute time.

Re:Lost sleep? (1)

hansonc (127888) | about 6 years ago | (#26442541)

or 30-40 minutes less commute time

I love it. (5, Informative)

friedmud (512466) | about 6 years ago | (#26442167)

I've worked for two consecutive companies with 9/80. At the first it was optional (but most people did it) at the second (current one) it is pretty much mandatory.

Let me tell you.... it's awesome.

Having a 3-day weekend every other week outweighs any perceived negatives. It gives you the ability to leave on a trip on a Thursday night... spend 3 days somewhere and still make it back for work without taking any vacation.

To answer your questions:

- I was wondering how this has been implemented in other companies.

For both of my companies you work 9 hours a day except the friday you work you only work 8 hours. Then you get every other friday off.

- Is your system flexible?

At the first company it was... you could choose which friday you wanted to start your 9/80 schedule on... so half of the people were gone every other friday.

At my current job it's not... everyone has the same friday off. I see the benefits of both. Personally, I really enjoyed fridays at my previous job... when (at least) half the people were gone I could get a lot of work done.

Both places I worked for have been flexible in your start time in the morning... meaning I can go in early and still get off early to get stuff done... which leads to:

- Do you find time to get personal stuff done during the week?

Yes. If I really need to get something done after work then I'll go in early. If I'm there by 7:00 then I can get off around 4:00 to 4:30... leaving plenty of time.

- Is Friday good for anything other than catching up on lost sleep?

Yes. You can use it for weekend trips like I mentioned above. Also, it's a great time to catch up around the house (mending fences, etc.). Finally, it's also a great day to get grocery shopping (and similar) done because most people are working...

I use the day a lot of different ways... and I do often sleep in a bit... but never sleep the day away!

- And perhaps most important, do your managers respect the off-Fridays, or do they pull people in on a regular basis to handle 'crises?'"

Has never happened to me. Like I said.. at my current job the friday off is mandatory. They actually turn out the lights and turn down the air-conditioning, etc. They really expect no one to be there.

But... I know my jobs are normal (I'm a research scientist at laboratories) so YMMV.

In conclusion... it can only be a good thing... go for it!


Re:I love it. (5, Interesting)

JoeLinux (20366) | about 6 years ago | (#26442401)

The only issue that has ever come up is:

1) When a customer comes in, and we have to come in on our day off


2) Because of the increased rest on a three-day weekend, people use less vacation time, resulting in the office being virtually deserted in December.

Re:I love it. (1)

YrWrstNtmr (564987) | about 6 years ago | (#26442549)

Let me tell you.... it's awesome.

I do the same, and it IS awesome. A 3 day weekend twice a month? Minimum? Fold in federal/bank holidays?
Oh yes.

The main thing is, you HAVE to have a boss who respects the sanctity of your off Friday. No exceptions. And if you absolutely have to...the following Monday (or similar) is off.

As long as you DO get the days off... (1)

timmarhy (659436) | about 6 years ago | (#26442175)

it's great as long as those days off ARE your days off and the company doesn't try to find some sneaky way to steal them. i currently work a 100 hour 8 day week, but then i get 6 days off. I find it's fantastic for productivity because longer days are better than lots of short days. it leaves more time to consult with peers and test things. lets face it, 9 - 5 days are a waste, those few extra hours aren't effective as lesure time. on my 6 days off i can really get out and enjoy myself.

Seriously... (5, Funny)

afabbro (33948) | about 6 years ago | (#26442185)

...this is what Ask Slashdot has been reduced to? Asking how a rather small change to a weekly schedule might work out?

Future Ask Slashdots We Can Look Forward To:

  • "I'm thinking of switching from a soft toothbrush to a medium-soft. How has that worked out for you?"
  • "I'm considering moving my sock drawer from the top right to the top left drawer. Can anyone tell me the pros and cons of each arrangement?
  • "We're moving to a new home and are having a family meeting this Thursday to evaluate hanging toilet paper so that the next sheet is over versus under on the roll. I was wondering how other readers have approached this decision?"
  • "I'd like to set my USB to automount to a fixed drive letter when I plug it into my Windows XP laptop. I'm considering J:, P:, and possibly Q:. What do you all think? Should I look at M: as well?"

Re:Seriously... (5, Funny)

BadAnalogyGuy (945258) | about 6 years ago | (#26442241)

* "I'm thinking of switching from a soft toothbrush to a medium-soft. How has that worked out for you?"
A: You should really try one of those electric toothbrushes.

* "I'm considering moving my sock drawer from the top right to the top left drawer. Can anyone tell me the pros and cons of each arrangement?
A: Have you considered moving the sock drawer to a closet in the bathroom? This would allow you to put on your socks while you are still warm instead of having to freeze your toes off on the way back to the dresser.

* "We're moving to a new home and are having a family meeting this Thursday to evaluate hanging toilet paper so that the next sheet is over versus under on the roll. I was wondering how other readers have approached this decision?"
A: Under. What kind of barbarians do you live with?

* "I'd like to set my USB to automount to a fixed drive letter when I plug it into my Windows XP laptop. I'm considering J:, P:, and possibly Q:. What do you all think? Should I look at M: as well?"
A: Hello, McFly! Use the U: drive.


Re:Seriously... (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 6 years ago | (#26442349)

Your post would have been funnier if you just said one of the things you listed.

Also you should always use a soft-bristled brush, never a hard or medium one, to keep your gums from receding.

Re:Seriously... (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 6 years ago | (#26442417)

Oy vey.

  1. whichever is more comfortable as long as you floss. Actually since this is slashdot, as long as you FLOSS
  2. depends on your handedness -- wasted effort if you have to cross your hand over. That's just inefficient. lefty, top left. righty, top right.
  3. over, specially if you have pets. They usually paw downward and you don't want them undoing the roll.
  4. the other guy suggested the U: drive which seems intuitive if it's USB. Or maybe R: for removable media?

And for the others you were probably too reluctant to ask...yes, 4, not after dinner, and lastly "are you kidding? of course!" Thank you, that is all.

Re:Seriously... (1)

camperdave (969942) | about 6 years ago | (#26442449)

I keep my left socks in my bottom left drawer, and my right socks in my bottom right drawer. Top left and right drawers are for mittens and gloves.

"Summer Hours" (2, Informative)

gEvil (beta) (945888) | about 6 years ago | (#26442189)

My employer implemented a schedule like this last summer. They're planning on doing it again for 4 or 5 months starting in March or April. It's really pretty nice. Basically, while they're in effect you need to work an extra hour each day. How you do this is up to you. I ended up splitting the difference--get in 30 minutes early and stay 30 minutes longer. Since it was company-wide all the meeting schedules were adapted pretty quickly. It's worth it to have a 3-day weekend every other weekend. Makes setting up trips/vacations a whole lot easier.

Re:"Summer Hours" (1)

ziah (1095877) | about 6 years ago | (#26442231)

Flame fish catcher - I thought it was a very valid question to ask.

Re:"Summer Hours" (1)

ziah (1095877) | about 6 years ago | (#26442257)

haha sorry wrong comment to respond to, meant this for one comment up

Feel free to delete both of them moderators.

Re:"Summer Hours" (2, Funny)

gEvil (beta) (945888) | about 6 years ago | (#26442319)

Feel free to delete both of them moderators.

Wow! You really are new here, aren't you?

Works Great! (1)

dukeluke (712001) | about 6 years ago | (#26442205)

My father-in-law does this for the Seattle Parks Department. He still winds up taking a few crisis phone calls. But, he manages to do all the coordination via cell phone and only in an extremely rare occasion does he have to go in himself. The way I see it, and him, it's very hard to just put in 8 hrs a day. And since you probably aren't paid overtime, being rewarded with a day off for putting in 9 - 9's is pretty nice.

I work that. (2, Interesting)

Ouchie (1386333) | about 6 years ago | (#26442211)

I work the 9/80 schedule but if you can get them to let you take every other Monday or better yet every other Wednesday. You can get a whole lot more done on a Wednesday. No lines at the bank, grocery store, etc. Unless you decide to just stay up all night Tuesday playing Halo then sleeping till 4 in the afternoon.

Three day weekends!!! (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 6 years ago | (#26442221)

It is really nice to have every other Friday off, however, if you have to work overtime to get your regular job functions done than it is probably not so great. You'll be really worn out by the time your three day weekend rolls around. It is a three day weekend though!

You should check the detail of what happens when a holiday falls on your off day though.

Good Luck!

Sound better then 5/80 (2, Insightful)

colinmcnamara (1152427) | about 6 years ago | (#26442227)

Seriously though, does anybody actually work only 40 hours a week?

Re:Sound better then 5/80 (2, Informative)

seebs (15766) | about 6 years ago | (#26442361)

Most of the time. (Not including extracurricular stuff, I do some consulting.)

I'll push it a bit for a release date, but apart from that, I don't do much over 40 hours of work. I might spend an evening logged into IRC in case anyone needs anything, but then, I might take an hour off to play with my cat.

The work gets done, we meet turnaround time commitments, the managers are happy.

Re:Sound better then 5/80 (1)

fm6 (162816) | about 6 years ago | (#26442469)

People who are paid by the hour do. Or if they don't, they get overtime.

But you mean, "people like us". But what "us" do you mean? I'm sure there are a lot of hourly workers on Slashdot.

It was great (1)

Jastiv (958017) | about 6 years ago | (#26442233)

My spouse had a work schedule like that. It was great, him actually being home and eating right instead of keeping weird hours, coming home at 3 am and eating junk food at work. I remember having Friday off as being a great day for him to run errands and go to doctors appointments. The down side is the company he had that work schedule at had a very mainstream sort of culture and didn't appreciate his unique ways of thinking. They eventually got rid of him when they got rid of a whole bunch of people due to not getting a contract.

Kinda O/T but... (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 6 years ago | (#26442239)

I remember one job where, despite being salaried, I got docked 1/2 day pay for leaving at noon... the fact that I worked the whole previous day and through the entire night to avert a crisis of someone else's making and meet a deadline was irrelevant.

At some point you WILL work WITHOUT being paid for it.

Re:Kinda O/T but... (1)

timmarhy (659436) | about 6 years ago | (#26442513)

really, so how many hours of /. time should the company dock you for? seriously as long as there is give and take flexible working hours are the way to go.

9x80's are nice (1)

Grendol (583881) | about 6 years ago | (#26442259)

It definitely has it's nice points. With the three day weekend every other week, usage of vacation time is more efficient. It gives a weekday during which you can run business hour errands , and if a project is in an emergency, you can squeeze in some extra time to complete things. It is also a nice thing for me as a parent to use the time to go on a lunch date with my wife while the kid is at daycare. Since I consult, I see several schedules, and I like the 9x80s better than most. 4x10's seem too long some days and the regular 8 hour day schedule lacks the nice 3 day weekend.

I hope this schedule works out for you, as everybody's life is different, but I suspect you will find it a nice change.

At my first exposure to the 9x80's schedule the company split into two shifts with half of the company having one Friday off, and the other half having the other. While this may complicate holiday with vacations sometimes, having Fridays with only half the people there made for a more peaceful and productive Friday. But not all companies will split like that.

No complaints here (1)

Colem (243957) | about 6 years ago | (#26442261)

Our company is on a "nine nine's" system for IT, where we work 9 9-hour days, and have the 10th off. Combined with a telecommute day in the same time period, it works quite well.
In my group, this seems to be very well respected...Good luck!

3x12.5 is even better! (4, Interesting)

Sandman1971 (516283) | about 6 years ago | (#26442289)

I once worked a job that was 3x12.5, and it was great! It was overnight, and the boss didn't mind if we slept during the downtimes. The staggered schedule also made it that we had a full 7 days straight off every third week (followed by 6x12.5 in 7 days, that was a bit of a killer). Though being overnight in made family life hell for 3 days, the time off more than made up for it.

9/80 works really well (3, Informative)

GIL_Dude (850471) | about 6 years ago | (#26442293)

I've worked 9/80 for the last 13 years or more. I also recently became a supervisor and am still working 9/80 and most of my employees do as well. In our company (68,000 employees total), it is generally implemented as schedule a, b, c, d (where a and b are opposite Friday's and c and d are opposite Monday's. Way back when I did LAN Admin work (Novell back then), Monday's were "password reset day" so I chose one of the Monday off schedules. On my "Monday on" I work from home - so I only drive in 4 days a week.

I don't think I would ever want to go back to a 5 day a week schedule - 9/80 is just so much better.

You also asked about whether the company respect those days off. In general they do really well with it. It is normally the employee that makes most decisions about "oh, we have some vendors coming in Monday - I will come in and just take the following Monday instead." There is almost never a "we need you to give up your day off" (I have rarely ever even heard of this happening and it certainly never happened to me).

90% of the employees voluntarily choose 9/80 (4, Interesting)

EMB Numbers (934125) | about 6 years ago | (#26442295)

My employer offers optional 9/80 schedules. I estimate that 90% of the employees voluntarily choose 9/80. It is great to have at lest 26 three day weekends every year. When holidays fall on Monday, you may get a 4 day weekend.

The off-Friday is well respected by management. The managers generally don't come in either.

An off-Friday is a great time for banking, appointments, the start of vacation, volunteering in your kids' school, etc.

Most people who choose the 5/40 schedule do so because they need to be home early to meet kids at the school bus or because the spouse works a regular schedule and they want to match schedules.

Flexibility is always good. We have core hours from 10:00 to 3:00. Some people come in very early and leave at 3:00 to minimize the time kids are home alone. It can save a lot of child care costs. Others like me regularly come in at 10:00 and leave at 7:00.

Go for it. (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 6 years ago | (#26442313)

I work a 9/80 schedule at my current job and I like it overall. My company definitely honors the day off (it's a company-wide 9/80 policy, so everyone is out of office on off-Fridays). The nice thing about my company that helps to curb manager abuse in such a situation is that we get paid overtime for anything more than five hours in one week. It does a lot to keep the managers in check so that they only call you in when it's crunch time and they direly need you.

During the week I've found that losing an hour (between 4:30 and 5:30 for me) has not really affected my daily life. I still have plenty of time after work. The off-Friday on the other hand is like a god-send. I get all of my errands done on off-Friday when all normal businesses are still open. It's also very nice having a three-day weekend every other week. Like another poster mentioned, the Fridays that I do work are paydays, so it makes that 44-hour week (plus whatever overtime) a little sweeter.

Trust me though, the nine-hour day will feel much longer than the eight-hour day. If you're already consistently working overtime you might not notice a big difference, but sometimes I feel like the day just drags on a bit. All-in-all though, I would suggest that you go for it. I'm loving it.

That's nothing (-1, Troll)

Un pobre guey (593801) | about 6 years ago | (#26442321)

You people are wimps. At my employer, we have decreed that work weeks consist of four consecutive 42 hour days (that's 24, backwards). The days are now named Plem, Spweep, Nawngk, and Joel. We get every second Joel and every fourth Plem off, and have 12 hours off per day to go home or whatever. The company provides diapers and all necessary medications. Productivity has risen 5% over the last Phlenkature.

Beat that, you lazy bastards!.

It was fantastic (1)

Slop121 (1030354) | about 6 years ago | (#26442345)

I wish I could still have the schedule. It was well known that it wasn't a day that you were going to be there, so no one interfered. They knew if you had to come in that it would likely be repaid in the near future.

Federal Gov't? (1)

whitelabrat (469237) | about 6 years ago | (#26442359)

A lot of Federal employees have a 9/80 option. It works well because it puts less stress on the mass transit and roads in the area. I always notice that its easier getting around town on Fridays here in DC.

For IT folks I don't think its a good option. Even though I have a 9/80 option and a telecommute option, my work culture where I am prefers warm bodies in chairs. I'm a sysadmin though, and people expect me to be able to yank out parts and cables or whatever on a moments notice.

Programmers can only work 5 hours a day (1)

presidenteloco (659168) | about 6 years ago | (#26442367)

And the rest is either d*f*ing or sl*shd*ting, or informal socializing sometimes called status meetings, no matter what your punch clock says. It's connected to the levels of neurotransmitter chemicals in your brain, which run down throughout the day and faster with more or deeper thinking (also faster with coffee or jolt.).

I for one would dread the quality of design or software produced by regular 10-hour day programmers.

I was pleased to see 37 signals uses 4 days a week. Maybe you could recuperate enough on that schedule to work slightly longer productive cores of your creative day (maybe 6 or 7 hours?)

9/80 costs me MORE in gasoline (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 6 years ago | (#26442373)

... because of all the road trips we take on 3-day weekends. But that's a lot more fun than commuting on that 10th day.

I very much like 9/80. It gets complicated with holidays...

It depends, but mostly good. (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 6 years ago | (#26442375)

It depends on the work being done and the company culture.

Doing four nine hour days with fridays being alternately eight hour days and days off is nice. If you are in an area where many people have long commutes it puts them a bit more out of rush hour for the drive and people have one less day of commuting. I worked one place where we did this and it was great for people because they had long long commutes, that they were able to get out of once every other week.
It is also very nice for planning vacations since you have a lot of three day weekends. It makes it very easy to schedule doctor/dentist/car appointments too.
On the downside if there is something you need to do that requires input from someone else you are out of luck on Fridays. If you have a lot of team-based projects it may not work so well. Similarly you can't have meetings for one fifth of the work week (on the upside your friday on is meeting free typically). The extra hour is rough, and there may be some hard trade offs there depending on when you get home and what you need to get done.
There is also potential for bad moral if one 'team' thinks that the other 'team' has better friday off schedules because of holidays.

Essentially it is a nice feature, but be aware of how it impacts you.

Trade-offs of a 9/80 work week (4, Informative)

shdragon (1797) | about 6 years ago | (#26442383)

The company I work for just switched to a 9/80 a few months ago. We're a little different since we have a schedule A and a schedule B, so only 1/2 the people are at work any given Friday. It's had some ups & downs.

Here's what I see as the positives:
1. Having a 4 day work week every other week rocks!
2. Getting paid on the Friday where I work 5 days makes it all the more bearable.
3. Easier to get chores, errands done since everyone else is at work.
4. I get more work done during the last hour of every 9 hour day than any other hour.

Here's the negatives:
1. It's a PITA to schedule meetings.
2. Sometimes I travel and it seems to always fall on a week where I'm supposed to be off that Friday.
3. Customers are annoyed because they're not on the same schedule and aren't understanding that it won't be until Monday before I get back to them.
4. I feel like I have less time to get work done since every other week I only work 4 days.
5. More free time means I spend more money.
6. Getting to work while it's dark & leaving when it's dark is depressing.

I work 9/80 (4, Insightful)

tknd (979052) | about 6 years ago | (#26442387)


  • On the short weeks you can get away with only charging 36 hours of vacation if you want to take the week off.
  • The off friday is convenient for getting errands done (dry cleaning) or appointments (dentist) that normally can't be done outside of business hours.
  • You save some money and time commuting 9 days instead of 10
  • For certain holidays you end up with really short weeks or really long weekends
  • If you find that you're consistently working more than 8 hours, you will actually work less since M-Th is usually 9 hours so you're not always getting screwed by being at the office late as much as you would with only 8 hour days.
  • Every other thursday feels like friday.
  • The off friday is a good excuse to not show up because you can always say "well no one is going to be at the office so I can't get work done."


  • The off friday is a good excuse to have you come in and do things that normally can't be done when everyone else is in the office (might be a pro in some cases since you wouldn't have to come in on the weekend.)
  • Though you have friday off, most other people are at work so you can't just "hang out" during the day.
  • The extra hour for M-Th takes some getting used to; you may find you have zero time left over to do anything on 9 hour days.
  • If you have regular schedules synced with schools (pick up kids and such), the off friday can be awkward.
  • The long weeks feel really long.
  • If you need a random day off, you'll end up charging 9 hours instead of 8.

9/80 is best when paired with a flex time schedule so that you can move around hours when you need to. The off friday gives you an option to tell your boss "i'll work more these days or just come in friday" if you want to take a different day off instead of the off friday. Coming in on the off friday usually means the office is dead. That can be good and bad. Some people like not having anyone around because they normally get interrupted too much when people are at the office. Other people hate it because there's nobody else to kick the bucket with.

If you find you are normally working more than 8 hours everyday, 9/80 is actually a good option because you will have a decent excuse for not coming in on the off fridays and you will have to work 9 hours most days anyway. If you find you are working even on the weekends, 9/80 will have no impact on your hours.

As a single guy, I prefer 9/80. But I do know some family types that prefer the 5/40 since they really need the consistent 8 hour days to keep their family schedules synced. At first you will loath the 9 hour days because that extra hour is bigger than it looks. After a while though 9 hours will seem like nothing and the working fridays will seem really short.

Started last March... it is awesome (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 6 years ago | (#26442391)

I took a new job back in March at a company on the 9/80 schedule. It's really awesome. It's hard to imagine going back to a company that doesn't do it -- it would definitely take a lot to lure me away from my current job.

That said, I worked pretty much every "off-Friday" between October and December, although I probably only worked one or two the earlier part of the year. It's largely dependent on budget and schedule for us. My wife is having a baby in May, so I will have a built in excuse to not work on them. ("Sorry... I don't have day care scheduled for tomorrow.")

Whether the Fridays off are respected depends mostly on your direct supervisor and your peers, and how staunchly you're willing to defend it. (You don't want to be "that guy" who refuses to show up when everyone else does.) I've been there less than a year, so I'm not one to rock the boat. Some people seem to work all of them while other pretty much refuse to show up unless there's some dire personal deadline they'll miss if they don't show up (which is probably the better way to look at it).

On the plus side, we got comp time for any off Fridays that we worked which made it easier to deal with on the times that we did have to come in.

To avoid working on your off Fridays, it's probably good to over-schedule them. "Oh, I wouldn't mind working this Friday, but 4 months ago I booked a long weekend to Cancun since it was supposed to be a day off..." I never got hassled if I didn't show up because I had already made important plans based on the off-Friday schedule (family in town, long weekend trip, etc.)

Most of the time I don't get too much done on my Fridays off, but it's a great time to handle errands that can only be done during business hours, like trips to the bank or do some tours in the city. Plus it makes it easy to schedule long weekends. (Unfortunately my wife's schedule does not match up with mine, so I have not taken advantage of this aspect as much as I would have liked.) If I had been on this schedule 5 or 10 years ago or had more buddies on the same schedule, I'm sure I'd be out partying on Thursday nights a lot more often.

I used to get so excited about the occasional long weekend... Memorial Day and Labor Day... now I get two long weekends a month.

Lighter schedule (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 6 years ago | (#26442431)

This sounds like a lighter schedule for a lot of people, who are probably working 50 hours a week at least. This would be an extra hour off every day and a whole extra day off for free.

9/80? Try 5/80!! (1)

peterofoz (1038508) | about 6 years ago | (#26442439)

Wow, where can I get a job at 80 hrs in 9 days. Seems like I've been working 60-80 hrs in 5 or 6 days of late. Unless I'm between consulting projects in which case its more like 9/10 and then the pay is terrible.

I find it middle-ing at best (1)

anphilip (737117) | about 6 years ago | (#26442463)

My company does 9/80 work weeks and I find the experience mixed. I tend to have about 6 'good' hours a day for solid engineering design and after that the ideas don't flow as well. 9/80 works when you have lots of paperwork to do (perfect for a government contractor) but doesn't do so well when you have actual design work. Doing errands on weekdays or making it to the gym are impossible unless you have an under half-hour commute. On the other hand, the every second friday off is nice. In summary, it only works if you can you work steadily and don't mind cramming all your errands into the weekend.

Time to go to 4 days on, 3 days off. (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 6 years ago | (#26442465)

We have slaved enough for our corporate masters. Time to go to full employment at 32 hours a week for everyone. Oh, and the weekly pay should remain the same for us all too.

I do a 98/7 (1)

monopole (44023) | about 6 years ago | (#26442467)

You work 14 hours a day for a week and then repeat it.

9/80s and 4/10s (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 6 years ago | (#26442471)

A lot of people at my company work 9/80s. No problems there. People just know to check calendars and schedule around you.

I work a staggered 4/10, which is amazing. Mon-Thurs of the first week, then Tues-Fri of the second. Every other weekend is a four-day weekend, which is almost enough time to get to Europe and back (I'm on the West coast)

It will work if everybody is committed (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 6 years ago | (#26442477)

In my work we have this rule:
    - You have to work 40 hours a week.
    - It is mandatory for you to be at the office Mon to Thu from 11a to 3p.

Everything else is up to you.

    I can say that it only works for people that are committed to get-the-work-done(tm) when that is needed.

First, you cry... (1)

Tiger4 (840741) | about 6 years ago | (#26442495)

Actually, you, your managers, and especially your timekeepers need to get over the 40 hours per week paradigm. US Labor law mandates it to some extent, but usually that is the only real constraint you MUST deal with. Just figure out how much work really needs to be done, how long it should take, what is a REALISTIC work efficiency factor (.5 - .8), then just get out of the way and let people work.

OK, now that we've had a nice trip to fantasy land... 9 hours/day x 9 days give you 81 hours in a two week pay period. Implement flexible work hours and work days. You will need to pick "core hours" and "core days" (e.g. Tuesday - Thursday, 9a - 4p) when (more or less) everyone must show up in person. The extra day and the extra hour are YOURS to build up and spend as you please, within reason. (i.e. No 20 week paid holidays sitting in the bank allowed).

It can work. We do it here. When a mandatory meeting comes up, people flex their RDO. They burn their extra hours up usually by taking an extra day off every other month. Keeps work and project schedules in line and doesn't stress the guys that have to work on the days or hours you are off.

Only company discipline can keep the managers from trouncing the system. They have to stand behind their own words when they say you don't have to come in on an RDO. And they have to be willing to take it when you throw their words back in their faces. "a day off does NOT mean Come in to work". If your managers don't have integrity, you're screwed. But that would be true anyway, not matter what you are doing.

I worked 9/80 for several years (2, Insightful)

abarrow (117740) | about 6 years ago | (#26442507)

It was great. I usually put in 10 hour days anyway, so someone telling me that I was to get every other Friday off was great! Not only do you get the occasional 3 day weekend, but you will probably find that the Fridays that you do work are really quiet - assuming not everyone in the office is on the same 9/80 schedule. If you are in a "meeting rich" environment, you are spared on Fridays because half the people aren't there.

After I got into middle management, 9/80 basically meant that I didn't feel guilty for taking a Friday off, but often-times I was working those days as well.

In big companies where folks that work a normal 8 hour day are treated like slackers, it's a good way to actually get some benefit for those 8+ hour days. Also, remember that 5 days of vacation turns into 10 days off! Bonus!

it sucks (1)

blackcoot (124938) | about 6 years ago | (#26442535)

the obvious reason:
actually getting to take off fridays off is an iffy proposition, at least in my organization. i objected to it when it was implemented nearly 18 months ago as a sneaky, underhanded way to squeeze extra unpaid overtime out of employees and i feel even more strongly about that now than i did back then. i haven't had an off friday for the past 3 months and it seems increasingly unlikely that i'm going to get to take those fridays off until i get through a march delivery. obviously, your mileage will vary; however, unless your organization is serious about off fridays being sacred (mine, unfortunately, is not --- they expect you to be in the office on those fridays if there's even the slightest business need), expect to lose them quite frequently.

the non-obvious reasons:
1) trying to make up sick leave / personal absence gets to be really challenging. i find the incremental effort from 8 to 9 hours in a day not that bad, but 9 to 10 and beyond is really, really difficult (at least if my goal is to be actually productive as opposed to a warm body).

2) scheduling with clients / customers / team mates that are not on 9/80 gets to be more complicated, especially if you have multiple stakeholders whose off fridays are out of phase.

3) receiving shipments of parts / software / hardware / etc. on time can be difficult unless you have a dedicated receiving department working throughout the week.

4) depending on how you do time cards (assuming you do), correctly transcribing time can be a challenge. (you need two fridays per week)

you geeks are soft (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 6 years ago | (#26442539)

The film business here has two common standards:

    five 12.75 hour days per week
    six 10.75 hour days.

In practice overtime is worked up to the 14 hour statutory maximum work hour limit for truck drivers making a 70 or 84 hour week.

And they make all our actors adopt some really stupid accents ...

6/10/4... (1)

kupan787 (916252) | about 6 years ago | (#26442545)

At my work we have a choice between straight 8s, or 6/10/4 schedule. Personally, I like the 6/10/4, as I come in at noon on Mondays (working 12:00-6:00pm), and leave at 11:00am on Fridays (working 7:00-11:00am). Tuesday-Thurs I work 10 hours (7:00-6:00pm), for a total of 40 hours a week. Plus, if I ever want to have a three day weekend, I only have to use 4 vacation hours, instead of the traditional 8.

Two of my friends, and my father... (1)

artor3 (1344997) | about 6 years ago | (#26442547)

...all work 9/80. They all love it. During really busy weeks, you may be asked to work on your day off, leading to 50 hours work weeks. But let's face it, if you were working a "normal" schedule, you'd end up working 10 hours a day on weeks like that anyway.

My dad also telecommutes one of the remaining 9 days. So he never goes to work on Wednesdays, which means he never has to commute more than two days in a row. Words cannot describe how much happier he is since that change. If you have a long, nasty commute, look into this sort of schedule.

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